Rain Gutter Maintenance Fends Off Roof Damage

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An obvious rain gutter problem and beginning of other costly problems

Healthy rain gutters are your first line of defense against threats to your roof like ice dams and leaking that can cause serious damage to interior ceilings and walls as well as the roof itself. Madison Wisconsin’s unpredictable weather – from flooding rains to baking droughts in the summer to drastic freeze-thaw cycles in winter – stress rain gutters and nearby roofs and siding.

Debris trapped in the gutter slows draining water and, under extreme circumstance can force it back under the shingles at the edge of the roof. In summer, that can lead to weakening of the under layer and in winter it freezes. As the ice builds up it can push back under the shingles as an ice dam forms. The pressure from the ice also can cause cracking and split seams in older rain gutters.

There are several possible safe guards. A sharp eye is your first aid. Periodic inspections of your gutters will tell you if there’s a problem and where the most serious concerns are developing. You can do a great deal from ground level without climbing, too. During or right after a rain, look for spots where the runoff is flowing over the side of the gutter or where a downspout is a trickle when it should be a torrent.

If you live near mature trees that can shed branches during a storm and a heavy load of leaves each fall, consider one of the gutter guards available to help keep debris out of the rain gutters.

Rain Gutter Checkup In Madison WI

If you don’t have a guard on your gutter, here’s a basic checklist to keep your rain gutters healthy and doing their job…

  • Remove all the leaves, twigs, seed pods and any other forms of debris that might limit water flow. Get this job done before the first freeze.
  • Inspect rain gutters for cracks or split seams. These are spots where water will escape and can wind up in your basement.
  • Inspect downspouts to be sure water is flowing evenly and that the outflow is directed away from the foundation of your house. Standing water at or near the basement wall can lead to excessive moisture or even water in the basement.
  • A gutter protection system will help to remedy several of these potential problems. For details on how the gutter guard system can work for you, check out the Gutter protection section of this site. A properly installed rain gutter protection system can save homeowners from having to climb, reach or peer over the edge of a gutter from the top of a ladder – while ladders are handy and necessary tools, they are also inherently risky with studies showing that each year as many as 365 people die from a fall off a ladder.
  • Consider a system to reduce ice buildup – a low-voltage electrical system can be installed on the edge of the roof and even in the rain gutters (especially in areas where ice dams have been a problem in the past) to keep melting snow from building to dangerous levels.

Give Madison WI Rain Gutters A Timely ‘Physical’

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An easy fix – Gutter Covers avoid the need to climb and lets your gutters get water away from your home

Neglecting a minor problem now can cost you if you have to repair a leaking roof, water in the basement, rotting wood and damaged paint or siding.

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