Sims Named Exclusive Provider of Pinnacle Premium Vinyl Replacement Windows

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A close inspection shows the Pinnacle line of new windows, exclusively available in Madison WI through Sims Exteriors and Remodeling, is commitment to quality, performance and durability.

Sims Exteriors and Remodeling is the exclusive provider of the Lindsay’s Pinnacle line of premium vinyl replacement windows in the Madison WI area.

When it comes to new windows, this line up of high-performance vinyl windows is designed and manufactured to provide a long service life. The commitment to long-term performance begins with the structural integrity of each individual window. Fusion welded corners in the frame and sash provide a barrier against air and water penetration. Pinnacle vinyl replacement windows feature uPVC unplasticized vinyl, concealed hinges and multi-chambered insulting for energy efficiency. There’s extra insulating and sound reduction from a unique injection foam – not slid in as with many lesser quality new and replacement windows.

Premium vinyl replacement windows resist the elements

Pinnacle windows feature double-strength, LowE 366 insulated glass providing exceptional UV protection. Delivering a balance of solar control and high visibility, the glass is bonded to the sash for a tight, weather-resistant seal. The windows also include the following features to take on the Madison WI elements:

  • An all-foam, no-metal edge seal, TruWARM® Super Spacer®, reduces condensation, frosting and mold growth
  • Three individual seals at sill:  Q-Lon, magnetized (like a refrigerator door) and fin seal.
  • An average window has More than 60 feet of weather stripping
  • Multi-point weather sealing locks

News windows that perform

The Pinnacle line of premium vinyl replacement windows combines a bold appearance with robust hardware and energy-efficient construction. A combination that translates to smooth operation for years. This commitment to custom satisfaction from both Sims Exteriors and Remodeling and Lindsay is underlined by the following:

  • The line of vinyl replacement windows is made In the USA
  • Each has a Lifetime, Non Prorated, Transferable Warranty
  • Pinnacle windows earned The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval
  • These high-quality replacement windows meet or exceed all Energy Star Requirements
  • Pinnacle windows feature Cardinal Glass – Manufactured in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

New windows with special touches

The Pinnacle lineup of replacement windows is designed to be a significant up-grade to homeowners throughout the region. That’s why nothing is left out and attention to fine detail is paramount. Every little thing from the beveled exterior framing for an eye-catching rich look, to a patented security locking system is considered and included.

The patented security system has non-corrosive locks to draw sashes together for a tight seal. An integrated tilt latch design makes it possible to simply tilt the sash for easy cleaning from the inside. Windows come with either a Tilt-in or 90° sash. A Nightvent feature allows limited, yet secure sash opening. The list of performance and efficiency features includes:

  • Double Hung windows significantly reduce air infiltration for energy efficiency and security
  • A patented roller tilt sash lift system allows sash movement with little friction or noise
  • There’s a contoured lift rail molded in for easy operation

Every design element in these premium vinyl replacement windows is in place to provide benefit to the homeowner. Contact Sims Exteriors and Remodeling – 608-825-4500 – for more information about the Pinnacle premium vinyl replacement window line or any new windows in the Madison WI.